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Toggle Grids, Guides and Invisibles at once

Script for: QuarkXPress
Copyright: Free, use at your own risk!
Description: Toggles baseline grid, guides and invisibles of
the frontmost document in QuarkXPress at once!
Necessary: None
Download: Toggle_GridsGuidesInvis.hqx
The Script:
tell application "QuarkXPress 3.3"
	if exists (document 1) then
		tell document 1
			set baseline grid showing to not baseline grid showing -- toggles baseline grid
			set guides showing to not guides showing -- toggles guides
			set invisibles showing to not invisibles showing -- toggles invisibles
		end tell
		display dialog "A document must be open in order to use this script." buttons {"OK"} default button 1 with icon caution
	end if
end tell


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