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AppleScripts for BBEdit, Mailsmith and QuarkXPress

  This site provides some useful AppleScripts for use with BBEdit 5.x / 6.x / 7.x, Mailsmith 1.x / 2.x (both from BareBones Software) or QuarkXpress 3.3 dt. Note that the scripts are not tested with other program versions or any MacOS System older than 8.5. Also, please note that not all of the scripts are compatible with MacOS X (mainly due to required scripting additions that are not available for OS X).

All scripts are presented on their own page, where you can read a short description, view the script as text or download a compiled version and any necessary additions if required. Note for iCab users: standard links are available on this site and may be a convenient way of browsing the script pages.

Put the compiled scripts in your BBEdit / Mailsmith scripts folder or use them with OSA Menu (required for QuarkXPress).
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23-Sep-00      Expand Window To Full Screen Expands the frontmost window to full screen
26-Feb-01      Toggle Window Bounds Toggles a window between full screen and its original window bounds
23-Sep-00      Close Window(s) Without Saving Closes either the frontmost window or all open windows without saving
23-Sep-00      Toggle Window Properties Toggles "soft wrap" or "show invisibles" of the frontmost document
23-Sep-00      Open Front Document with Default App Opens the frontmost document with its default application
05-Oct-00      Select Paragraph Go to (and select) a physical paragraph - even if soft wrapping is on
12-Mar-00      Open Several from FTP Server Let's you open several files from your FTP server at once
23-Sep-00      Open Special Opens all files of a folder that match certain creators, file types or strings
24-Sep-00      Open Files of Path List Opens files from selected paths in BBEdit or within their default app
24-Sep-00      Rename Files of Path List Renames files based on selected paths that were altered in BBEdit
14-Oct-01      Multi-File Search Framework Script framework which shows how to script a multi-file search
24-Sep-00      Multi-File Search with Grep Remembers choosen folder & search string and has a log option
04-Jun-02      List Search Results (Multi-)file search script that shows search results in columns
24-Sep-00      BBEdit DropSearch Searches all dropped files and / or folders with BBEdit 6.x
24-Sep-00      Prefix / Suffix Lines with Grep Adds a pre-/ suffix to all selected lines (\t, \r, and & will be interpreted)
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16-Jun-00      Check Mail Accounts Checks mail from selected mail accounts
30-May-03      Get Selection Script framework to get the selection as well as its type
30-May-03      Label Selected Messages Assigns a particular label to any selected message(s)
15-Jul-03      Count Characters of Selected Text Counts the characters selected in the frontmost document
08-Jun-02      Transfer Selection to BBEdit Inserts the selected text / message(s) into a new window in BBEdit
11-Mar-00      Mark ALL Messages Read Marks all messages of all selected mailboxes read
22-Oct-02      Export To Filemaker Database Exports mail to a FileMaker Pro database
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11-Mar-00      Expand Window To Full Screen Expands the frontmost window to full screen
11-Mar-00      Step Two Pages Back / Forward Jumps two pages back / forward
11-Mar-00      Toggle Grids, Guides and Invisibles at once Toggles grids / guides / invisibles of the frontmost window in one step
11-Mar-00      Count Characters of Selected Frame / Text Counts all selected chars or the chars contained in a selected text box
29-Jan-01      Save Selected Text as XTags Exports the currently selected text / text box as XTags into a text file
13-Mar-00      Write Style Specs to Log Window Writes all style specs of the front document to a log window in BBEdit
11-Mar-00      Center Boxes Centers selected boxes either by width or by height (with optional shift)
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MacOS Finder

14-Dec-01      Grep Rename Grep-capable batch file renaming utility for MacOS Finder 8.x / 9.x

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